Search for 3-year-old Autistic Boy Continues

Police are searching for 3-year-old Adam Benhamma, a deaf, mute and autistic boy who went missing on Sunday. (Photo courtesy of: Handout/The Gazette)

The search continues for a three-year-old autistic boy in Laval Quebec who has been missing since April 3rd. Adam Benhamma went missing Sunday afternoon while playing hide-and-seek with his seven-year-old sister. The family was visiting a family friend in the remote part of Auteuil district of Laval near Mille-Îlles River.

Police in Laval have been searching the frozen and flooded woods, but said the search is complicated through Adam’s inability to hear or speak. “We don’t think we will be finding the little boy alive, unfortunately,” said Laval Constable Nathalie Lorrain. “It’s almost impossible to communicate with him, and also if something happened he couldn’t scream or anything like that.”

Wendy Fournier, president of the National Autism Association believes rescuers are facing enormous challengers because Benhamma is both deaf and mute. “With a child who is non-verbal like many children with autism, they don’t respond when their name is called. A lot of kids won’t even turn and look at you if they hear their name being called,” said Fournier.

Police have also used dogs to search the area that Benhamma was last seen, but there has been no trace of the boy nor has any of his clothing been recovered.

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